"What If... You Never Had to Wonder If Your Copy Will Convert Or Not… Just Ask A Real Expert!"

Your Private Copywriting Hotline Guarantees You Always Get Copywriting Help When You Need It...
Your Sales Depends On It!

"Never again desperately hunt the forums for conflicting opinions on your sales copy!"

If You've Ever Been In One Of These Situations... You NEED A Copy Hotline.

You know from time to time, you're in a situation where you need copy help FAST! Then every copywriter you turn to is either fully booked or charges an arm and a leg, just for a simple consult...

From the writing desk of:
Juho Tunkelo
Helsinki, Finland

Dear friend-in-business,

If you ever wondered why simple copy help is so difficult and expensive to get... you're about to find out. 

First, I want you to reach back and ask yourself if you've ever experienced one of THESE:?

  • You’re running a product launch, and suddenly face crippling doubt about that headline... call to action... order form or other critical parts of your funnel that just HAVE to work well
  • Can’t think of a great email subject line to save your life… and the email HAS to go out SOON
  • Not sure about that product name, it's a quick idea but how do you know it'll actually pull sales?
  • Drawing a total blank just as you're supposed to write something new for your business…
  • Need tips to spruce up that product description you 'hope' will convince your prospects...
  • And... what about these absolute classics... of utter last minute PANIC... 

  • About to go live with an online auction or crowdfunding project - need PAST-LAST minute tips to maximize returns... FAST!
  • Getting high traffic on a 'money page' and want to A/B test it to maximize profit... but stumped on HOW
  • You’re buying traffic and for some reason your landing page isn't converting -- losing REAL money every minute… heeelp!
  • A web page you had high hopes for, just isn’t converting and you NEED to know why… and how to fix it, PRONTO!
  • Something in your funnel isn’t working and your eyes are hurting - you need fresh, expert eyes to ‘look under the hood’ and pinpoint the fix!
  • You got a new product in the works - in need of advice for angles, hooks etc. to get it to the market STRONG
  • You’re about to press ‘Publish’ on a business critical web page, email or video… but need final confirmation that you’re on the right track, or need some final polish
  • Or... something as simple as your everyday business needs...

  • You just want to run some copy ideas through the experienced brain of a proven copywriter… and get the confidence you need to go for a WIN!

…for these situations and many more like them... there's a brand new answer!

There Is Another Way To Fix Your Copy - Much Faster, Easier And More Affordable Than Ever Before!

Up until now, you’d have to pay rather handsome lump sums to get a proven copywriter even to take your phone call, let alone give you personalized advice without at LEAST a four figure advance payment... just to get on the phone.

(This continues to be true for my private services today - I do NOT trade my time lightly... and neither should You!)

Due to the way the Copywriting AMA Hotline is structured to help you in your most critical situations, you'll get the highest benefit at the very moment you desperately need it!

You may not have large ongoing copywriting needs, and therefore a retainer arrangement with a copywriter wouldn't make sense either - you'd potentially be paying for nothing for long stretches. 

But knowing that you CAN get access to copy help for a quick copy critique, marketing tip or a conversion troubleshooting session when you need it… this has NEVER been available before.

Frankly, this is a little experimental and I might pull the plug on this service if it becomes too taxing for myself or my team members involved (the moment this happens, a waiting list goes up and nobody new gets in).

But right now, you're cleared to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity and lock in your Founder's Rate for your Private Copywriting Hotline membership.

To make it really simple for you, here's the three main categories you get with Copywriting Hotline...

Ask For Constructive Copy Feedback Or Critique

Ask To Improve Your Existing Sales Copy 

Ask For Copy Ideas - Hooks, Angles, Strategies & More

If you're selling anything online, you'll easily run into one or more of these needs weekly if not daily!

So let me ask you this...

How Many Times Did You Already Need Trusted Help With Your Sales Copy... But Couldn't Afford The Cost... Or The Wait?!

If you've been in online business for even a little while, you've come across this many times... 

How many times have you needed some trusted conversion advice,
but knew hiring a good copywriter is currently out of your price range?

Or how about those forums and Facebook groups...

How many times did you ask a critical question in forums or Facebook groups, only to find writers dragging their feet, giving half-answers or even mocking you. They either won't give you a full answer or will try to rope you in as a client first. And then they get into flame wars with each other. Who needs all that difficulty?!

Look. Forums and Facebook groups are notoriously unsafe places to ask for advice. What you get is often not just conflicting and confusing advice, but downright degrading for you as a product owner. And even after all that, you’re STILL the one left with making the right decision and hoping for the best!

Well, we're here to put a swift stop to all of that!

At Copywriting Hotline, all questions are respectfully received, carefully considered and promptly answered. In 100% complete confidentiality. And yet never compromising on showing you what truly works in sales copy!

Okay, so how does having a Private Copywriting Hotline help you in practical terms... 

The Unique Benefits Of Copywriting Hotline Membership

  • Increase conversion when it matters. Online business moves fast and you need to be ready to convert when it matters. Don't just release and wish for the best... get expert help!
  • Never be stuck with a blank page again. Time is money, so don't waste either - get highly valuable ideas, assistance and other timely help from the pros!
  • Get a professional opinion on your copy when YOU need it - not when that one particularly in-demand copywriter you trust just might have time for you! 

And it doesn't stop there either... what if more benefits came ON TOP of getting on-demand copy help...

  • Troubleshoot any marketing problem on the spot - most of them are copy problems anyway. Good copywriters are never JUST writers, they come with a large body of capability in marketing strategy... so ask away! 
  • Improve your own copy skills in a hands-on way. Working hand-in-hand with pro copywriters on your OWN products and services inevitably increases your own ability... AND your team's!
  • Ask critical questions in 100% privacy and confidence - thats right, this is "The Anti-Forum Experience!" 

Sound pretty good? Well here's how it all works in practical reality...

Use This Simple Q&A Service to Always  Achieve More Response, More Results, and More Profit! 
(The Ultimate Leverage)

By now, you're well aware that everyone successful in online business relies on great sales copy for ultimate results. 

That's why until now, you'd have to 'buy the whole cow' when all you needed was some milk...

OR you had to invest several years into becoming good at copy yourself... only to find out you didn't have the chops.​

Now for the FIRST time... you can get your CRITICAL copy questions answered PERSONALLY, with a minimal monthly investment. This kind of leverage has NEVER been available before in the history of marketing. 

Here's How Your Private Copywriting Hotline Works Hard For You:

Getting copy assistance doesn't get any more simple - or more effective - than this: 

    1. Spend 1 minute looking over a Quick Start guide to getting results with Copywriting Hotline
    2. Send your time-sensitive copy question to a special email address, as instructed
    3. Get a timely, exact response to your question from Copy Hotline, 100% targeted to your immediate needs
    4. Apply the advice you received and PROFIT with confidence!

What you can expect in return:

  • ​A professional, directly applicable response within 12-48 hours
  • Direct answers to your questions, no generalities or ambiguous 'study this' responses 
  • A LIVE hotline to get instant feedback when available (available as add-on)

It really is that simple. The hard part happens at our end, all you see is your question, and your answer

You could be justified in thinking this sounds almost too good for far less than your daily Starbucks fix...

Yes, You Should Be Skeptical - Up Until Now a Service Like This Was Impossible

Copywriting Hotline Is Designed to Overcome 
Your Marketing Insecurities And Make You More Money

You might well have a few questions on your mind, so let's go through a few: 

Q: Why a continuous service, couldn't I just drop in when I need something?
A: ​Yes you can, and for us to serve you when that need arises, a membership structure makes it possible. Without the membership structure, we couldn't drop everything to answer your need. Also, sometimes you might need constant assistance, and at other times less so. It's the normal ebb & flow of business. This arrangement hits the Sweet Spot.
Q: How do I know you'll be able to answer my very industry specific questions and concerns?
A: Our ​copywriters are seasoned pros who can easily see the marketing problem in any environment. We have frameworks prepared for every typical question and situation. We're used to thinking on our feet and coming up with quick, creative solutions.
Q: ​I'm not sure I'm really going to use this, if I really have the need right now...
A: That is possible. However, many of our clients have been BEGGING for on-demand help for a long time. If you're an active online marketer, it's likely you'll find TONS of profitable uses for Copy Hotline. Normally, you'd just realize your many copy needs just as they arise. Of course, if you ever became less active and no longer need sales copy & conversion assistance, you can cancel without any hassle. 
Q: I don't release new products that often, how would I still need a copy hotline?
A: Well, do you ever promote your existing products or services? Run a campaign? Release a video? Incentivize affiliates? Powerful copy & persuasive communication benefits you at every turn. Even if you think of a simple webinar, you need so many pieces of copy to make it work. Let alone, say, a membership site. Online, you live and breathe by the strength of your copy.
Q: I'm not used to buying a service like this, how will this help me make more money than I invest in it?
A: ​Copywriting Hotline is designed to give you incredible leverage - to make you back many multiples of your monthly investment. Just think: even a single headline tweak, a change of angle, a new hook, email subject line, a power opener… all these can transform your results instantly. An intelligent change in your copy can salvage an otherwise failing project potentially worth untold thousands of dollars to you. That's ROI in the four-digit range, every single time!

Before I show you how to secure your membership (while available), hear out some of these satisfied customers...

Not Familiar With My Work?
Hear Out Some Of Our Satisfied Clients...

"A Tremendous Ability... Highly Recommended!"

"Juho has a tremendous ability to help with your business… especially the strategic parts. Juho is an excellent copywriter. If you have any copywriting needs for your business, Juho is someone I highly recommend for that particular service.

Juho’s just got a gift for this stuff, and he’s able to help you with marketing and online business in a very strategic way."

GIDEON SHALWICK Video Marketing Entrepreneur

"A Master of the Hook... Fast, Effective, and Professional"

"Juho is a master of the hook and getting people to take action on your offer. If you have the type of business that needs to make sales now, then there is nobody better. Juho is always fast, effective, and professional."

Jon nastor Podcaster, Hack the Entrepreneur

"Wow! You write really good copy!"

Jo Han Mok Copywriter and Entrepreneur, Singapore

Heard Enough Already? Just click below to get your membership started...

Start Your Copywriting Hotline Membership And Benefit As Soon As Today!

You will be charged $95 per month on a continuous basis, for continuous service.
You can cancel at any time, if you're certain you no longer need access to copy assistance. 

Guaranteed To Give You Always Profit-Boosting, On-Demand Help With Your Sales Copy!

Think of Copywriting Hotline as the marketing equivalent of the Red Phone. When things get heated and you need critical advice or just confirmation that you're on the right track... that's when you take to the Hotline.

While there are no refunds on memberships, you are free to cancel your membership at any time.You can do this via your membership dashboard or by contacting us via email, Skype or phone. 

"Helped Me Create Several High-Converting Sales Letters and Funnels"

"I can highly recommend Juho Tunkelo. He has helped me to create highly converting sales letters and funnels. If you want to ring your cash register, he is your man. He is an A player."

Pekka mattila Online Business Owner

Real Sales Copy Out Of Mere Ideas... And Very Valuable Tips

“Juho took my stream-of-consciousness musings and scribbles, and created a real sales letter out of mere ideas I had. After receiving his work, I was able to adapt it to my personal style with very minimal changes. Also, in the process I received some very valuable tips for the contents of the product itself, and how to make it more attractive to the market. Highly recommended!

Aleksi hentilä Online Business Owner, Personal Trainer

Where Else Are You Going To Turn For Reliable, Confidential Copy Help?

Look, my friend. 

I've been in this copywriting game for well over ten years, and in the online business for close to twenty years. I know what online business owners like you go through - doesn't matter if you just started or just made your $100th million.

ALL business online requires Raw Conversion Power. You can crank out content, products and even tons of cheap traffic any day of the week... but the final acid test always stares you right between the eyes: 

"...But Will It Convert?"

If you care about the gut-wrenching effort you pour into your products and content, the time you spend on social media, the cash you load into paid advertising... heck, if you care about RESULTS at all...

You'll NEED to have an answer to that question, ready to go that instant.

Because if you don't, and you send out a dud promotion... the next one's going to be even harder to start. 

I built Copywriting Hotline as an answer to the intense needs I see people just like you struggle with every day. 

So come over and calm your nerves... We Got Your Back!

Start Your Copywriting Hotline Membership And Sell More Even Today!

You will be charged $95 per month on a continuous basis, for continuous service.
You can cancel at any time, if you're certain you no longer need access to copy assistance.

"Most of the hard problems in online business are copy problems. Not all of them, but a vast majority because it is so hard to get it right. Make sure you find your ideal solution to get yours right.”

P.S.: Judging by early feedback, we realize it might quickly become impossible to serve an unlimited amount of new members. Therefore, once capacity is reached, we will not be able to accept any more members. A waiting list will be in effect until capacity is increased (which could take a few weeks or months). So make sure you get in while we're keeping the offer open and public and use your coupon if you have one.